A Minimalist Approach to Modern Home Decor Design Ideas

Minimalism, which features muted, simple design, can be very appealing. People crave more simplicity in their lives and also desire homes that aren’t filled with the clutter that echoes the busyness of their everyday lives. Modern furniture, currently a big trend in home design, is often used in combination with a minimalist approach to home decorating. Modern furniture often features clean, sleek lines that are eye-appealing and beautiful, yet simple.

Modern furniture can also double as art. While many modern sofas feature understated, low-profile silhouettes, other types of furniture features curves and rounded edges that are truly eye-catching. When using modern home decor in conjunction with modern furniture your whole room has the potential to be one big piece of art. The key to modern design in a minimalist approach is choosing your modern home decor wisely.

Minimalistic design is a good place for modern art. You can find many simple, yet thought-provoking pieces of modern art that can make a statement all by themselves. Then, you don’t have to add very much to the room to make it feel complete. A piece of artwork, like a larger modern sculpture with clean lines and smooth details can really pop in a room focused on minimalistic design.

In keeping with the minimalism in modern home decor, it is important to choose only a few objects to display in the area. Modern home decor like abstract art and modern sculptures can really compete for attention in a space, so keeping the number of these items to the minimum really goes a long way in creating a smooth space. An example of a minimalist approach to a living room would be a simple leather couch in a neutral color, a plush, white rug, a bright multi-colored piece of modern abstract art, like a print of Joan Miró’s Singing Fish, and a funky, modern, red accent chair. You could also add a few small pieces that also pull color from the abstract art but be careful not to create a cluttered space.

Minimalistic Home Decor

A minimalist approach to decorating really goes along with modern design style. Modern home decor, like modern art, is best purposed in a room when it is married with minimalism. If you have a piece of modern home decor that you love, like an expensive abstract painting, you really want that artwork to stand out and be the focus of the room. Minimalism helps to achieve this goal so that nothing distracts from your beloved artwork. This design style is also key to creating a zen space apart from the craziness of the outside world.

Unique Art to Inspire “Say No To Racism” during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil has brought the world together in surprising ways. Soccer as we call it here in the USA, or football for the rest of the world, is a sport with fans across the globe, making the FIFA World Cup one of the few true world championships. Unlike the World Series and Superbowl, which actually only include teams from the United States, in football even some of the most remote countries can send a team to the FIFA World Cup if they qualify during many matches prior to the actual world cup. People from every nation can participate in this communal feeling of watching a truly global championship.

FIFA has created an international schedule for the games that allow people of every participating nation to watch their team play. That does not mean that people stop watching when their team is eliminated. Caught up in the fun and excitement of the tournament, people from those countries simply choose a new favorite team to cheer for. Fans form countries that didn’t qualify for the world cup pick their own favorites. For many of the people watching, it is truly one of the biggest, most exhilarating events in the world, and for many, it is more about the experience than the win.

With the threat of racism looming as players from various countries gather, FIFA has taken a strong stand against it for the 2014 World Cup. FIFA has attempted to eliminate issues that have plagued the game in the past, such as chanting of racial slurs, bullying between teams, and derogatory remarks. FIFA is striving to eliminate these types of activities and create an environment of equality at the World Cup in Brazil.

This theme of the 2014 FIFA World Cup is revealed in the painting “Say No to Racism” by Ingrid Burgos. With hands reaching toward an open universe of possibilities, the painting stresses our togetherness and common goals. Rather than fighting each other, the hands seem to be reaching collectively in a unified effort. A thin strip wraps around the prize, which the hands reach for. A close look at this ribbon reveals the colors and patterns of flags of countries from around the world. The vague figure of the gold cup in the center gives the impression that it is not the trophy that is the true reward but the experience in getting there, whether one is a player or an observer.

FIFA World Cup Painting

The FIFA World Cup infects the headlines of every country like few other events. Suddenly, people across the globe from each other have something to talk about and connect through. Ingrid’s painting successfully creates this feeling of the whole population of the Earth acting as one, without any of the racism or differences that might normally divide us.

Artist Ingrid Burgos has created this painting specifically to be auctioned off to the highest bidder and will donate 100% of all proceeds to the cause of “Say no to Racism.” For more information, please visit Ingrid Burgos website.

Stunning Giclee Prints and Photo Art

Brilliant Flight: A Strikingly Beautiful Butterfly Triptych
This canvas art print is as enchanting and inspiring as a butterfly’s metamorphosis. It’s eye-catching design and stunning colors are inspired by the natural beauty of a variety of exotic butterflies. Butterflies are often used as metaphors for change, growth and maturity, all of which are evoked in this piece. Also intriguing is the progression seen in the piece: from one butterfly in the first panel to a swarm in the last. You will find yourself lost in this piece as you fall deeply into the scrapbook-like layers of creatures.

Butterfly Abstract Print on Canvas

The Eternal Question: What is Art?
The singer, Ani Difranco expressed the complexity of art in the following lyrics: “Art is why I get up in the morning, but my definition ends there, and it doesn’t seem fair, that I’m living for something I can’t even define.” This canvas art piece is both modern and classic. The aesthetic is totally contemporary while the message is as old as time. What is art? What makes an artist? Why do we make art? It’s the undefinable nature of art which makes it so alluring to the human spirit.

Abstract Art Print on Canvas

Dots in Motion: A Frenzied, Excited Chaos
You simply can’t take your eyes off of them. They have a way of trapping the viewer’s attention. The black, gray and white with pops of color gives this piece a highly modern and eye-catching aesthetic while the smooth, curved lines keep the pieces from feeling harsh. These visually interesting conversation pieces can be displayed together or separately for different effects. Hung separately they feel contemplative and casual while hung together they evoke a sense of structure and coordination superimposed over a bit of chaos.



A Modern Rainbow Combines Classic Beauty with Contemporary Style
The beauty of these giclee pieces is that they are a new take on something so familiar. You find yourself drawn into the bright colors and smooth, curved lines and then contemplative as you look at a rainbow in a whole new way. There is nothing more exciting than a piece of art that changes your perspective on something and that is just what these pieces do. These art prints can be hung together, separately within the same room or totally apart from one another for varying effects.

Rainbow Circles

A Journey Inward: Colorful, Modern, Beauty Opens the Spirit
From the moment your eye first meets this piece, you are drawn in. The best art is transcendent. It is both new and old, of the world and unworldly, inviting and jarring. This canvas art giclee, in particular, is both modern and familiar.The abstract feeling of this piece captures a certain mysticism while the bright colors create a sense of joy and hope. The black dots over colorful lines flowing inward evoke a sense of a spiritual journey. It is not what you see when you look at it, but what you feel, that makes this piece special.

Abstract Art Print

A Tree of Life, Light and Color
Trees are symbols of power, life and stability and this piece captures all of that with a certain modern, colorful flair. Though you immediately see a tree when you look, this piece’s real magic is in the things that you notice as you continue to view it, day in and day out. The splashes of color coming from the earthy brown of the branches and trunk and set in contrast to the white background, create an eye-catching aesthetic.

Canvas Art Print of Abstract Tree

A Women’s Beauty Transcends: A Study of the Female Face
For centuries the female form has been celebrated and glorified in all forms of art from music to books to visual art. This printed canvas art piece is a modern take on the Mona Lisa, if you will… a portrait of every woman. This piece is as captivating as a photograph but, to most viewers, much more special. The detail is beautiful and perfectly captures the gorgeous lines of a female’s face while it is clear that the artist is presenting his or her own most perfect women. It’s self-expression that is so thoroughly brought to life that you may forget that you are looking at a drawing.

Wommen Faces Canvas Art

Photographic Evidence of Nature’s Mystical, Magical Miracles
This giclee photograph is stunning, eye-catching and hard to look away from. It is also a testament to the majesty and splendor of nature. Ice creates an archway that the viewer is simply dying to walk through, as though it will lead to a whole new life, a whole new chapter, a whole new world. The magic of this stunning ice sculpture is that no human could have created such a thing. The fear and admiration that such a thing evokes is hard to ignore.

Glacier Canvas Print

Deserted Beauty: Nature’s Peaks and Valleys Captured
All of us go through highs and lows and the metaphors of canyons, valleys, hills and mountains have been used in songs, art pieces, literature and poetry since the advent of artistic expression. There is nothing more majestic than a desert scene pocked with beautiful plateaus and hills. This giclee photograph brings a sense of peace and joy that can only be attributed to the miraculous power that nature can have on the soul.

Canyon Giclee

Water Falls from the Heavens
This photo to canvas piece brings about a sense of calm. Waterfalls are symbols of renewal, joy and a baptismal spirituality and the pinks and purples of the sky evoke a sense of sunset and an ending of a chapter. Art is meant to stir emotions with each viewing and the metaphorical significance of the various landforms and natural phenomena in this piece are sure to create a peace in its viewers.

Nature Waterfall Giclee

A Painted Pup – Modern Painting in Unique Color

This modern painting is a portrait of a bulldog pup. The color is the focus of this modern painting; instantly drawing the eye to the wrinkles on the dog’s face smeared by paint. A closer look shows that the color is not just rendered in the texture of paint but is also used to color and shade the pup’s face. There is a distinct lack of identity in the art piece, as well.

The dog, despite being the only object shown, is at odds with itself. The style of the piece ranges from the hyper-realistic right eye to the unfinished sketch of the left paw. There is no true balance to the change in styles; the tail is a simple unlined stroke of red paint, while the right jowl is lined with thick, broken chalky lines. Whiskers on the left are expressed with negative space while the right side uses thin wisps of lines.

The dog’s entire anatomy is presented without much consistency either; the toes on neither side are the same in number or composition. The shading provided by the color lacks internal consistency, as well. It goes from flat at the chest, to suggesting a watercolor technique at the paws and then jumps to realistic towards the mouth.

Modern Painting of Puppy

There is also a clear absence of a background in this modern painting, shadow or anything else that would tie the central subject of the dog to the real world. The dog exists as a creature of creativity alone, seemingly unbound by the laws of nature. It sits half created- a chimera of ideas that just borders on the absurd until the stunning reality of the right eye reminds the viewer of the material world. The painting speaks to the entire nature of a puppy- a rapid moment of growth that changes by the second to the viewer.

The dog is growing into himself, a mere sketch in one section yet defined with adult proportions in another. The tail is unlined; a new element and the color in the ears still reach the quickly drawn lines. But at the mouth, the pup is grown already. This a clear example of modern art in which the canvas is freed from realistic portraits by the camera and thus can comment of the nature of a being rather than its mere appearance. Rather than just creating a portrait of a pup, the artist is able to evoke of the rapid growth of the creature by his use of lack of balance and unity and the brightness of the colors. Truly a unique piece of art, this modern canvas art painting is a must have for the contemporary art lover.

Creature of Movement Abstract Painting

In an abstract painting that seems to have taken many cues from both Kandinsky and Fauvism, color is used to express beyond the mere reality of shapes. The standard scene is simple. We are presented with what is most likely an alpine lake bordered by two trees, a distant forest and mountains. Light is coming from the left, something we naturally associate with the setting sun. Without additional style or color this would be no greater of a work of art than something a teenager could produce with the newest phone. But by observing the artist’s style and color usage, we can discern a higher meaning.

Fiery Landscape Abstract Painting

The technique in this abstract painting called “Fiery Landscape” is mostly soft brushstrokes punctuated by dots of color, or the case of the trees a full set of lines of color, in a nod to pointillism. Otherwise, it is mostly softly changing color, as in the shading of the mountain. The largest changes in texture are found in the gritty sand and the clarity of the water. On the note of color, the majority of the colors used seem to come from the pastel line. In the sections dominated by more of a watercolor blending, no harsh primaries are used. In contrast, the pointillistic dots are dominated by bright oranges and yellows. The tree trunks hold the darkest color, next to the offshore forest.

These elements combine into a fair amount of balance and repetition, creating a natural, relaxed feeling. The still parts of the image, the mountains, water sky and ground is given a soft casting; there lot is simple. But for things of movement, trees, for example, like us were given harsher contrast and rapid little dots of energy. The dots around the trees show how they draw in movement from the sky or perhaps from things around them by acting as a home for animals. In a similar note, the leaves at the top are given the brightest color to suggest faster movement than leaves below. Even the trunks, which grow at a much slower rate, are shown in their movement by careful lines of color draped upon them. They harken to us as creatures of movement as well whose edges can expand rapidly, but bases remain rather still to support us.

This abstract painting is available online at Artemaximus.com for $399.00.

Jouissence – Modern Landscape Painting

Blue Winter Secedes to Yellow Spring

One of the tenants of modern art is the ability to help us understand our emotional and spiritual reactions to this world. This allows us to go beyond our physical understanding of the natural world and instead connect with it in a higher way. In this modern landscape painting, the subject could be reduced to simple a grove of annual trees surrounded by a field; one might be tempted to reduce the colored spots to some sort of flower. Likewise, the value of color might be misunderstood – you might try to pass it off as Kentucky bluegrass or something of the like.

The first major clue we have that this is modern landscape painting is the lack of detailed. Like Monet’s Haystacks, the subject is minimally detailed. We see tree trunks bordered by red, for example. There are no other real distinguishing features of plant life- no leaves, stems, or clearly depicted flowers. The second major hint is that the colors are not truly representative of real life. While there are trees and some grasses that are bluish in nature, no species of tree has a blue trunk. Instead, we must base our observation on the feelings that this painting evokes- and to that, we must turn to color.

The predominant color is blue of course, something that hearkens to a deep rest. Interestingly the trunks (things that store energy) contain some of the deepest blue in the painting. The sky itself is a light blue as well- which the strong exception of the horizon that is a light yellow. Yellow is the weakest of the warm colors, the beginning of movement. Here we are shown a world at rest about to be wakened- much like a coming spring. There are some vestige left of winter (the black and dark blue specks found in the foliage) the world is waking.

Abstract Landscape of Blue Tree

The other major source of warmth is quickly applied is the color droplets. Unlike the broad, water color like swath of sunlight these little drops are expressed to be quick moving and quickly consumed. They are the thoughts of spring- the new little buds that grow in a moment and die off soon enough.

It’s not an intellectual look on spring. There aren’t many direct cues that scream spring- we even think of light green as a classic idea for the season! But through color and painting style, the artist is able to evoke the feeling of spring to us.